ABN: 79 354 569 731 

Email: kalemhornphoto@gmail.com

I am available for booking for all creative needs.

This portfolio is always evolving; check back often!

Hi! I'm Kalem Horn. I'm a 28 years old Australian photographer and videographer and just love to create.

More recently I have turned my work to videography and drone as well as production.

I was the photographer for UberEats Gold Coast photographing numerous restaurants’ food for the service's launch.

I worked for a photographic agency called Snappr. Through them I have shot for Uber, Scentre Group (Westfield), Groupon, Scoopon, Air Bnb, Ray White, Car Sales, TPG, GE Global, Woolworths as well as many individuals. I have received overwhelming feedback, being rated in one of the best family and event photographers via customer feedback on the platform.

Currently I worked as a music writer, videographer and photographer at Society of Sound, and as a photographer for Scenestras well as working with bands personally on photoshoots, designs and live shoots.

I am Southern Cross University Bachelor of Media graduate, receiving a high GPA. 

I always shoot what's in front of me, originally it was landscapes and exterior architecture. Recently ventured into more portraiture photography. I have been broadening my horizons through corporate work, trying many new things. I also love to practice fine art through long exposure photography, showing compositions invisible to the naked eye.

I shoot bright and with vivid colour filling the frame. 

I've loved photography since i got my first film APS-C camera at the age of 11. I've used Adobe Photoshop since CS4 and Adobe Lightroom since version 2. I've had experience in the darkroom with printing and film; however, I focus heavily on DSLRs and Photoshop (and other editing software).

I also have interest in most other art forms and creative endeavors. Although my photography has been my major focus, I do dabble in video; I've been using Adobe Premiere, Adobe Media Encoder and Handbrake for 4 years. I am skilled in editing and encoding.

Contact Me:


@snaphappy7530 (music/personal) @kalemhornphoto (nature & travel)

Feel free to message me with any question or gear chat. Each one of these items had many hours of thought before chosen and don't have space to discuss all the ins and outs here.

My Gear

·     DJI Mini Pro 3 Fly More with Freewell ND/CP filters

·     Sony A7r 4

·     Sony A7 4

·     Sony FE 24-70mm F2.8 GM 2

·     Sigma 14-24mm F2.8 DG DN

·     Tamron 70-180mm F2.8 Di III VXD with Hoya HD UV

·     DJI Ronin RS2 Combo with Small Rig plate and arms.

·     Apurture HR672C

·     3x Godox V1s and XPro wireless transmitter

·     Vanguard Alta Pro 283CT tripod with Manfrotto XPro ball-head and Sunwayfoto Arca Swiss Head.

·     Peak Design Carbon Fiber travel tripod.

·     Steel Wool, 9V batteries, kitchen wisk & rope.

·     Hoya HD or HD nano CP & ND filters

·     Prograde and Sandisk SD Cards and readers

·     Lowepro Bags

·     Nitecore dual sony battery, UA55 USB and UMS4 AA charger

·     Satechi 200W USBC Charging Hub

·     BlackRapid strap customised system, Peak Design Slide, Peak Design Capture Clip v3

·     Custom built PC and Macbook Pro Max M1 2021

·     Edit in Adobe, Da Vinci Resolve, Handbrake, Loseless Cut, Topaz Labs

·     Hifi Audio: Kanto YU4, Monoprice THX DAC/amp, Hifiman Sundara, Seinheisser HD6xx, Airpod Pros (gen 1)

·     Manfrotto light stands

·     Numerous no-name accessories from Ebay and Aliexpress (like my lighting bags and sand bags)

Old Gear:

·      Nikon D750

·      Nikkor 24-70mm f/2.8 with Hoya HD UV

·      Nikkor 70-200mm f/2.8 VR2 with Hoya HD UV

·      Tamron SP 15-30mm f.2.8 Di VC USD

·      Canon 580EX2

·      Nikon SB910 w/ various Ebay gels.

·      Cactus V6 triggers

·      Hoya PRO CP and ND filters.

·      FroKnowsPhoto Black RS Sports 2 strap.

Even Older Gear:

·      Canon EOS 500D

·      Canon EF 24-105mmL F/4 IS USM with Hoya HD UV

·      Canon EF-s 55-250mm IS

·      Canon EF-s 15-55mm IS

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