Crema and Creme

The Brief:

Crema and Creme was a beautiful, Italian, hole-in-the-wall place in North Brisbane.
Run by a fantastic, welcoming team and Nonna Grace. This was Grace's 2nd home, figuratively and almost literally; to me it felt like visiting Nonna’s house. All food was handmade with love. Grace knew every customer’s name and story; you would catch her chatting with customers as much as in the kitchen.
Crema and Creme was known for their home-made cakes and treats, high teas, as well as their lunch menu and Pizza & Pasta Friday Nights with their home-made dough made by Grace’s son and wood-fire oven.
Crema was well known locally by the edlerly demographic that lived close-by, but was unknown to everyone else. It was hard to physically find and hard to accidentally stumble upon. What it needed was media to advetise further outward in the region. My images needed to cater for social media and be striking for a younger demographic. Once they've tried the food...they won't forget! I incorporated a few different styles to distinguish the different menus.

Photographed for Your Socail Chef (click here).

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