Coal Seam Gas Mining or CSG is a big community and environment issue in the Northern Rivers, NSW, Australia.

The community does not want it. It causes massive irreversible environmental impacts, such as ruining the water table. There have been reports of people lighting their tap water on fire!

Areas in the USA and in QLD, Australia have already been destroyed.

It frustrates me when people think it is just a bunch of hippies whinging. As you can see from the photos, the protesters consist of not JUST hippies but farmers, businessmen, kids and elderly.

The Northern Rivers community has gone up against the Australian government and overseas mining companies many times now. We succeeded in fighting back Metgasco and Santos at Doubtful Creek and Bentley and are ready to do it again.

It proves that people power can make a difference.

It makes me very proud to have grown up in the area that I did.

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