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Not Destined for Radio: Blind Dog - The Last Adventures of Captain Dog

Released: 1999

Genre: Stoner Metal

Listen: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Csm1paYQpk

The Last Adventures of Captain Dog is a hidden gem; out of date and under-produced this thrilling journey is certainly Not Destined for Radio. 

Blind Dog are a disbanded, unheard-of three piece stoner-metal band from Sweden who’ve established a cult following. They of course take inspiration from Black Sabbath as well as Jethro Tull with sprinkles of blues and prog for good measure.

Their debut album has no bad tracks. Pacing is well constructed with heart pounding journeys split-up with slower, more relaxing passages. It’s a wave of ever changing rhythm, constantly washing you to the next state. It flows so smooth it is hard to listen to one song without listening to the next five. It is truly more than just a single compilation.

Coming To, which was the first song I heard from the band, is an 8 minute piece that starts slow and quiet, with sobering melody that reminds me of something from Tool’s early days. It then grabs a wet fish and slaps you across the face; instantly changing pace with pounding drums and a head throbbing guitar and bass. Tensions ease with the verse; a galloping rhythm to get your foot stomping and head banging.

Blind Dog establishes a very powerful wall of sound. No instrument oversteps another, working in close harmony to create chaotic rhythm. Extras like synths are only added when absolutely necessary. Combined with the album’s art and title it creates vivid imagery.

Beyond my Reach is my favourite from the album. Set to pounding drums, unhinged harmonica and powerful guitar strums, I imagine Captain Dog set on a cross-desert journey straight out of The Good, the Bad and the Ugly. Out of water and steed he must make it to the next town. Whilst vultures circle, he defies all, fighting off bandits and starvation – he made it home. Vocals and tempo slow… is it over? No! The rhythm-keeper of a guitar pauses for effect. The drums start to roll… Captain Dog pulls his gun, but it is too late! The perfect concoction of instruments creates an orgasmic explosion of emotion for one final fight.

Blind Dog has left an everlasting legacy. Their craftsmanship and sound can be matched up against the most prestigious of names. With just 2.5 albums, it has left fans wanting more. You cannot stream this album so either pick up one of their now collectable CDs (mine cost $80) or listen on YouTube. 

This album pairs well with: Orange Goblin – Time Travelling Blues (the album)

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