(I wrote this two years ago in frustration. I may as well publish it now)

As a young photographer I’ve had to push myself to prove that I’m worth it.

When I started people presume my work was of poor quality because I was young. This is less of a issue now that I am 21, but I often got “wow, your photos are great and you are only 17”. Why do I have to prove myself because of my age? Base my work off my photos not my age. I understand that experience means a-lot, but it’s just so devalidating to have someone presume you suck.

Another wall I seem to have to break every time I meet a client is proving that paying for a photographer is worth it. People seem to presume “I have a camera, I could do it myself but I’m too busy, you’re lucky I’m paying you.” Most of my clients end up saying “I didn’t expect them to be this good”. I do find clients from my corporate gigs  tend to understand that a professional photographer is worth it.

I don’t think that people are entirely to blame here. A-lot of proffessional quality in photography is subtly; and people only see the final product, they don’t see the work that goes behind it. It’s like sound design, you only notice it when it sucks. People say “I only need you for an hour”, they don’t understand the time it takes to travel and edit.

The bottom line is I know my worth, I am confident in my work. I can choose not to work with someone and if they choose to disrespect me I will try educate them or find someone else.

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