Not Destined for Radio: Psychedelic Porn Crumpets — Found God in a Tomato

Released: 2016

Genre: Psychedelic Rock


Found God in a Tomato is a 9 minute psychedelic journey around the world, venturing into wavelengths that are Not Destined for Radio.

Since finally discovering Tool, I’ve chased progressive, transient journeys, often a minimum of 6 minutes long. Psychedelic Porn Crumpets are my latest addiction. They’re birthed from the depths of Perth, like a lot of psych rock it seems (The Sizlacks being another fine example). Their name alone helps them steer clear of mainstream airtime.

Clocking in at 8:54mins, it starts with a jolly guitar riff and smooth bass line, buttering you up for the musical journey that awaits you. At 2:35mins, the vocals begin. They’re your typical reverberated, ethereal sounds, accompanied with occasional backing vocals that feel like a choir of angels on the ears.

At the 6:45mins mark I’m forced to close my eyes; we’re getting into the good stuff now. The song takes my hand and pulls me through to the other side. The crunchy guitar lifts from the mix and acts as my guide, whilst the distant vocals light my way. I see rolling colourful hills, much like the album’s colourful artwork by Zouassi. I follow the acid induced orange brick road (the path Doherty was not meant to take). The stars are bright. I pass the hills quick. I build to lightning speed. My shoes leave the ground; I’m flying. I glide above the hills which continuously shift their hues, green, orange, yellow, orange again!

I open my eyes and see my boring computer screen. Time to listen to the song again.

Also try: The Sizlacks — Demo 2, Fever the Ghost — Source.

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